race is a type of humanoid of certain descent with unique racial abilities and powers. 

List of RacesEdit


  • Rathian: The most noble of humans, and most of direct Tesserathian Conquest Era descent. 
  • Asdel: Tall, almost elf-like humans, hailing from many different parts of the world but most notably the continent of Giltharon.
  • Cassan: Short, almost dwarf-like humans with many different qualities. A dying breed, Cassan are most generally worshipped throughout Quartara.


  • Ambriel: High elf, most of noble descent. Hailing from Giltharon.
  • Arhandrel: Wood elf, most of noble descent. Many are scattered from lands around Donorion and Giltharon.
  • Canthrel: Dark elf, most of noble descent. Most dark elves are considered to be evil and are generally looked down upon in society.


  • Orc: Orcish, with dying tribes scattered around the lands.
  • Cesnet: An evil, underground-dwelling race. Not much is known about the Cesnet.
  • Dwarf: Short. Powerful. Stubby. Drunk most of the time.
  • Familiar: A magic entity, usually conjured by a mage, very rarely seen in nature.