Sindero is a human inhabited town West of Asmaroth on the continent Donorion. It is built around a central bridge on a river, and uses this river for intercity trade.


The main attraction in Sindero is it's well-stocked merchants and exceptional sanitation. The town is famous for its notable works of literature, acrobatics and other forms of art. The town is heavily protected by Asmaroth Guards, as it is near a small Shade settlement. Locals are happy to con outsiders, but are usually intimidated by Asmaroth visitors. Crime within the city is somewhat high, considering most of the protection goes to fighting off the Shade on the outskirts of the town. 


Sindero bases its economy off of trade, and utilizes the Sindero River as a central trade route. Main trade goods consist of spices and other assortments of foodstuffs, and the Sindero economy is slightly above average but is declining due to the heavy supply of spice in Asmaroth


The town is led by several elected officials, and is majorly influenced by inter-city politics, especially from Asmaroth. This might lead to very high corruption among the political leaders. 

Notable LocalsEdit

  • Ered Lexand - The elected official leader of the township in Sindero.
  • Wyny Wente - The alcoholic merchant who will not abide by change, and spends most of his off-hours in the tavern. He has more enemies than allies. Rumors say that he is easily irritated by nobles. She is usually found at her market stall selling spices near the bridge.