The King and the Flask is a tavern in the centermost district of Asmaroth of decent quality. Food and drink pricing is fair, but you get what you pay for. If one would want to rent a room, they could do so for a dirt-cheap price, for a medium-large sized room. Only problem is that these rooms are almost always occupied. The tavern is almost always totally filled, but the noise is kept to an average level. The main attraction aside from drink is the bard, who is of great quality. The bartender is usually quiet. This tavern is a little grungy, but very tolerable. Most of the crowd that comes to the tavern on a regular basis are good people, but some are very shady. 


Eril Wesor, the bartender for the King and Flask is a quiet, down-to-earth type of person. She usually keeps to herself unless someone orders a drink or if she needs to notify guards of unpleasantness.