Waefher Rewalt was Captain of the famous Chevalier Storm from Y1253 to Y1258. 

Early Life and CareerEdit

The son of a Tesserathian general, Rewalt was born in Asmaroth in a privileged family. After spending the first twenty years of his life in the Military Terrace of Asmaroth, he attended the Tesserathian Naval Academy for six years. After his education, he became a Signal Lieutenant of The Windblade. Four years later, he rose through the ranks and became captain of this ship.

After serving as Captain of The Windblade for eight years, the Shade had started to become a prominent enemy of the Alliance of Tesserath. He was transferred as captain of the warship Chevalier Storm for five years until the Siege of Rekithland. 


Rewalt died during the Siege of Rekithland, when he attempted to steer the ship directly into the bay, causing the ship to be surrounded by cannon fire. A cannonball was shot directly into the cabin of the ship and he was injured by shrapnel. After the Shade started to board the ship, he jumped from the ship out of the hole the cannonball had made. To this day, his body has not been recovered and it is rumored that his spirit haunts the Rekithland Bay.